Yoga Fixes Everything.

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This weekend my favorite Marietta yoga studio, be yoga, celebrated their second anniversary with a weekend full of free classes, package & merchandise specials, and fun times all around. Happy 2nd birthday, be yoga!

be yoga1

Put simply, I love this place. It has a more relaxed vibe than other studios I’ve visited. Instructors (and students) aren’t afraid to giggle in class or maybe even drop an f-bomb here and there. What’s not to love? They also have an amazing smoothie & juice bar on site. My personal favorite is the kapotasana smoothie: kale, spinach, grape, blueberry, and raspberry. Liquid green heaven.


On Saturday morning, I went to Isabelle’s hot class followed immediately by Amy’s pilates class. Judging by my whining/groaning/general misery in pilates, I probably should have swapped the order of those two, but what’s done to my muscles is done. Nothing that a handful of epsom salts couldn’t fix.


Sunday morning we headed to Decatur to meet friends for brunch at Cafe Alsace where I attacked my plate (but not before snapping a cell phone picture, of course).

Cafe Alsace

Oh yeah. French toast with homemade whipped cream, sauteed apples, and pecans. Not pictured: two additional cups of coffee and the croissant trio that Mitch and I also split. Whoops.

By the time we got back home, a severe case of brunch regret had set in, so I reluctantly laced up my shoes and headed back out to one of my favorite trails: the 5-mile Kolb Farm loop trail in Marietta.

Kolb Farm

This. Run. Sucked. Holy crap, I could not settle into a groove, and my legs felt like jelly. Every hill felt monstrous, and to top it all off, I was borderline HOT. It should not be possible to be able to run comfortably in shorts and a tank top in December (such is life in the South). Not even Lance Armstrong’s words of encouragement on the Nike+ running app could cheer me up.

The answer to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run? Yoga, obvs. I headed back to be yoga to take Reggie’s yin class. Yin yoga is fairly new to my practice, and O-M-G, I love it so much.  It is roughly the equivalent of a 750-ml glass of red wine. I’m fairly certain I fell asleep with my forehead on my knee at one point; I definitely nodded off during savasana. An hour later, and I was feeling much better about the state of things.

After an active weekend, I’m feeling it just about everywhere on this rainy Monday – in particular, the backs of my arms and calves – plus a cough is trying to brew somewhere in my lungs. Tomato soup & grilled cheese for dinner plus a hot soak are definitely in order. Any other suggestions for this gal on a kind-of-sick-feeling-rainy-Monday?


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