Good Like Sunkist.

[Now Playing: “The Girl” – City and Colour]

I woke up still feeling not-so-hot with a scratchy throat. A handful of vitamins and cough drops and a cup of this later…


…and I felt a little better. Good enough to play a game of HORSE after lunch. The benefits of working at a school, y’all.


While post-work yoga is always a good way to unwind, sometimes I prefer to decompress in less peaceful ways so a few weeks ago, I bought a Living Social deal for a one-month pass to X3 Sports. I’m in my third week of the deal and so bummed it’s almost over but I don’t think  I’d be able to attend enough classes to justify $89/month.  Cue sad trombone.


They have some Crossfitesque classes, as well as legit boxing in-the-ring classes, but I only take kickboxing. Basically, you spend 55 minutes punching and kicking a bag with some lunges, squats, push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and various and torturous crunches thrown in. Also, nu-metal (or Waka Flocka) blares the entire time and the whole place kind of smells like feet. It is awesome. I feel just like Marky Mark when it’s over.


I have a big meeting early in the morning (aren’t those fun?) so I’m off to address our Christmas cards. C’mon, c’mon, feel the vibration!


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