Happy Humpday.

[Now Playing: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” – Iron & Wine]

Thanks to a big meeting at 7:15, it was an early, early morning at work. God bless overnight oats in a jar! I like to make mine with almond milk, honey, and peanut butter, but the possibilities are endless.


It’s so appetizing to look at, isn’t it? After the meeting finished, the rest of the day seemed to drag on, as most Wednesdays do. The most obvious solution to break this slump was to come home and try to force Drake to wear a Santa hat for Instagram’s sake. It did not turn out so well.


You win some, you lose some. I cut my losses and headed to the yoga studio where I help out a few days of the week, Vita-Prana Yoga.


Vita-Prana offers lots of different mat classes and workshops but what really sets them apart is their aerial yoga classes. When you walk in and see all the hammocks hanging from the ceiling, you know immediately that it’s a place where a bunch of bad-asses hang out. Literally.  The owner, Vita, is maybe the nicest person I have ever met; she makes every person who walks through the door feel welcomed and special. Plus, she has an awesome dog named Maggie who comes and chills at the front desk during class.


I gravitate towards the aerial classes because there is no way on earth that anybody would ever describe me as graceful or elegant when I’m standing on two legs. However, once I get up in the hammock, I suddenly am able to get my Cirque du Soleil on. It is magical. Plus, it makes my body crack in places I didn’t know were crackable, thanks in part to the use of lots and lots of props.


After stretching it all out, I came back home to eat a boring dinner of chicken, rice, and beans – definitely time to go to the grocery store – but most importantly, this delicious seasonal treat was waiting for me.


Peppermint ice cream!!! My guiltiest holiday indulgence (okay, and Christmas Tree Cakes). While tasting 2012’s first bite of peppermint ice cream ranks high, the biggest accomplishment of the day was finally addressing our Christmas cards.


It blows my mind that Christmas is less than two weeks away. I’m most excited for my brother to come home next week and then for my family go to Highlands, NC for a few days! Do you have big holiday plans?


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