Get Up, Stand Up.

[Now Playing: “Ride” – Lana del Rey]

As far as Thursdays go, today was nothing out of the ordinary. The highlight of my day was purchasing these bad boys for our office ugly sweater party tomorrow…


…and coming across this sign in the journalism class. These kids are the best.


Kickboxing was sweaty and smelly as usual. Usually, I ask the big beefy MMA-type guys that work there to wrap my hands, but today I was feeling cocky and wrapped my own hands. Epic fail. My knuckles are all an attractive shade of red now.

Driving home from X3, I took a slight detour through the Smyrna Market Village  to see the lights. My Christmas spirit has been at an all time low; the past few months have flown by, and it simply does not feel like Christmas is less than two weeks away.


Seeing Christmas lights always reminds me of growing up in North Carolina when my mom and dad would pile me & my brother in the car and drive around to see all the nearby decorations each night. Some houses I can still remember vividly.

What are your remedies for low holiday spirit? I need to go watch Elf.

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