November Came & Went.

[Now Playing – “Denouncing November Blue” – The Avett Brothers)

Starting a blog at the beginning of December? Not my best idea. My posting and half-marathon training (if you can even call it that) has been suffering due to general holiday craziness, the weather, etc. I already know what one New Year’s resolution will be, and number two will probably be not making excuses.

First things first, I was a latecomer to the Gossip Girl series. I started randomly watching old episodes on the Style Network in September and was hooked, tearing through five seasons on Netflix in three months. Needless to say, last night was kind of a huge let down. While I expected it, I can’t believe [SPOILER ALERT] this tool is Gossip Girl.

This week is the home stretch before the kids (and faculty and staff) are out for the holiday break. The students are antsy and the adults antsier. Each morning I try to savor the quiet (if there is any) by checking e-mails with the assistance of my penguin mug that only makes appearances this time of year.


I also try to make a point to not spend all day in my office in front of the computer. The days where I have a reason to visit other parts of campus are my favorite, especially when I get to see things like the Lower School’s gingerbread houses.

Tonight was my last kickboxing class at X3 (super bummed), and it was a tough one. A new-to-me instructor taught, and I really liked his style.  He mixed up drills all throughout class without making them too complicated, and he ended class with free weights. Hellacious while it was happening and will probably be hellacious tomorrow.

Most of my Christmas presents are purchased, a little aerial yoga is on deck for tomorrow night, and my brother’s flight gets in around 9pm. It’s shaping up to be a great Wednesday.

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