Yoga On the Fly.

[Now Playing: “Live While We’re Young” – One Direction]

I woke up sore as all get out from last night’s kickboxing class, and my muscles only hated me more as the day went on. Luckily, it’s Wednesday which means I’m almost always at Vita-Prana!

The studio ordered brand new shirts last week, and they finally came in! They are super soft and long and warm and perfect and lots of other adjectives that describe generally perfect t-shits. The best part? The catchy little sayings on the back.


Side note: it is really difficult to take a picture of your backside. I don’t know how all these teenagers on Instagram do it. Anyways, all of the slogans are really clever, but this one might be my favorite.


And livin’ la vita yoga was just what my sore body needed. Tonight we actually spent more time on our mats than in the hammock. I like doing the warrior series in the hammock but sometimes it can tweak my uber sensitive knees; same thing with Cobbler’s Pose. It’s nice to have the option to get in the hammock but to also stay on the mat or put your back against a wall if something doesn’t feel quite right.


We closed class with my favorite inversion – back straddle in the hammock – and I took savasana with a bolster under my knees. Ahhh. Awesome night of sleep, here I come.

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