My Yoga Is…

After 13 blissful work-free days, I reluctantly rolled out of bed this morning and headed into school. It is still largely empty while students & teachers wrap up the rest of their holiday break, and I have to say it was heavenly. Taking a note from Depeche Mode, I enjoyed the silence while zen-ifying my office with some of my favorite Christmas gifts from friends and family.


I was out of the office early enough to get in a run before the sun started to set, officially (finally) initiating my Publix Georgia Half Marathon training! I headed to the Silver Comet Trail and decided to mix things up by starting at a different trail head than usual.

silver comet

As evident by the above picture, it was not the prettiest of days, and this route had more stoplights and intersections than my usual SC run; nevertheless, I enjoyed the change of scenery. Running the same route quickly gets torturous and monotonous these days. Plus, I don’t know what it is about bridges, but I always feel the need to go all out when I pass over them.


After a little over 4 miles, I headed to the yoga studio to stretch it all out and hang in the hammock for a bit. My lower half was talking to me tonight – hello, tight hips & hammies.


One of the instructors, Lisa (check out her blog at A Charmed Yogi!), painted this awesome sign for the studio where everyone can write what yoga means to them. What a great idea, right?


I really had to put some thought into what my yoga is. When I started practicing, it was for purely vain reasons; I wanted my body to look like one of those yoga girls. Now it’s what I consider my “me” time; time after a busy or stressful week where I can zone out with my own thoughts and give my muscles some TLC.

What is your yoga?

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