Recap: Hot Chocolate 5K Expo

First things, first, the weather today was absolutely gorgeous. Think 75 degrees and sun – oh, glorious, glorious sun!

Mom and I hit up Figo for lunch before heading to the Hot Chocolate Expo – any excuse to carb load! Whole wheat primavera penne, you are my BFF.


After lunch, we headed to the World Congress Center for packet pick-up. I was a little worried about how smooth packet pickup would be after reading some not-so-pleasant reviews of previous races in other cities, but I was pleased to see there were no lines, just lots of orange-clad volunteers and very loud music. Boom boom pow!


(I’m not sure what is going on with my elbow in that picture, but it’s kind of freaking me out.)

We picked up our race bibs and sweatshirts with no wait. The sweatshirts, while surprisingly thick and super comfy, do run a bit small, but not so small that I had to exchange a size, so no complaints here.


The expo had a cute little chocolate area in the center with volunteers handing out hot chocolate and little chocolate squares – a yummy preview of what we will be enjoying tomorrow after the race!


We stopped by Big Peach‘s corner, and it was a zoo! Mom managed to navigate the crowds to get a neat little headband, and I picked up some thick socks for cold runs (if it ever actually gets cold). After that, we stopped by the Publix Georgia Marathon booth to get glimpse at the half marathon and marathon medals!  I had seen them on Facebook, but it was fun to see them in person and pick them up (heavy!). I’ll be envisioning that half medal around my neck somewhere around Mile 10 that day, for sure.
Trying out new products is one of my favorite things about expos, and I am an admitted sample fiend. The Hot Chocolate Expo was small and definitely lacking in that area, BUT they made up for it by having the Biscoff booth stocked with full-size jars of deliciousness. I would be lying if I said I didn’t stick a spoon in it the second I got home. The husband is hooked as well.
On our way out, we picked up our pre-paid parking pass (so glad we were able to purchase one) and passed the Cheer Squad station. I always love to see bystanders holding silly signs, and I hope I see some good ones on the route tomorrow. We grabbed one to pose with at the starting line tomorrow.
After leaving the expo, we went to the yoga studio for Lisa’s holiday detox workshop. It was two hours of twisty, sweaty goodness! Definitely a good way to spend the evening before a race. I feel loose, limber, and ready for my 5 a.m. wake up call.

I just finished my night-before-the-race tradition of making my playlist, and now I’m trying to decide what to wear. The Weather Channel is telling me it will be 60 degrees tomorrow at our start time. Crops and a tech tee? Shorts and a long sleeve tee? Decisions, decisions. Hard to believe it will all be over in less than 12 hours.

See you at the start line, fellow Hot Chocolate runners!

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