Two Feet High and Rising.

Isn’t it funny how a little bit of rain can throw off so much in your daily life? Rain means a wet backyard which means filthy dogs which means a filthier house which means, is it the weekend yet?

It has been raining steadily since Sunday evening, and since we don’t belong to a gym, I’ve had to rework my training schedule as a result. I went to aerial yoga on Monday evening as usual, but a soaking wet Tuesday meant that my workout consisted of lifting a forkful of pot pie to my mouth and watching Argo. Today, however, the rain had briefly stopped by 5:00 and the sun was trying its best to come out, so I managed to squeeze in a post-work muddy 3 mile run at Cochran Shoals.


The temperature was actually fairly warm (mid-50s), but there was truly water, water everywhere. The ‘Hooch looked like it was a few more raindrops away from being the subject of a Johnny Cash song.  Usually, I run in some pretty basic duo dry socks from Target, but with today’s addition of puddles to my run, it was a good day to test out my new Thorlos 84N Runner socks. My mom was RAVING about these socks on our way to the Hot Chocolate Expo, so when she spotted them at Big Peach’s booth, she kindly bought me a pair. Thanks, Mom!

Running has really taken a toll on the attractiveness of my feet, so the extra thick heel and toe on these bad boys felt heavenly. Try as I might to avoid puddles, I stepped in quite a few on today’s ran; luckily, my feet stayed nice and dry, albeit a little pruny at the end of the run. I’m really looking forward to taking these on a longer run in cold weather to see if they keep my toes warm.

My shoes and running tights are now filthy, and it looks like there is a 100% chance of rain tomorrow with a little wintry mix thrown in. I’m hoping to make it to a slow flow class if the roads don’t ice, and I will be oh so happy when the sun shows its face once more!

How do you like to adjust your training when the weather has other plans?

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