Friday Favorites.

The sun is here, the sun is here! After what seems like weeks of cloudy skies and a near-miss with a winter storm system, it is a beautiful (albeit chilly) Friday here in Atlanta. I can’t even begin to express how happy I was to have to wear sunglasses on my commute this morning.

  • It must be the voyeur in me, but I love advice columns. What better way to remember Pauline Phillips than a look back at 10 weird & wonderful Dear Abby columns
  • Billy Joel. The Black Keys. Fleetwood Mac. This year’s Jazz Fest line up is pretty awesome.
  • Speaking of New Orleans, I’m holding out hope that Season 3 of American Horror Story takes place in the South.
  • So excited about the green thick headband I won from Cherie Runs This and Sparkly Soul . No slip, no headache, AND sparkly? Obviously, the perfect accessory for my half-marathon on St. Patty’s Day!
  • This week I found out I will be in the Big Apple for a few days on business at the end of February.


I haven’t been since I was a kid; what NYC spots do I absolutely have to see this time?

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