Working for the Three Day Weekend.

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. It just sets you up for a successful (and short) week. Saturday morning I went to the mixed level vinyasa class at Vita-Prana to start my three days off right. Lots of twisting and hip openers, plus a lengthy savasana that ended with a full body scan. Ahh.


After yoga, Drake and I both got haircuts, while Mitch played soccer at Georgia Tech all day. When he got home, we decided to not be a boring old married couple stereotype and decided to actually spend Saturday night out in civilization. In honor of Thrift Week, we stopped in the Marietta Goodwill before dinner; hey, I told you this was a hot date. Mitch scored a J.Crew button up with tags still on it and a meat tenderizer, and I found the cutest little pot (oatmeal sized!) and these amazing records.


We definitely made Ben Franklin proud. After our successful GW trip, we went to Thaicoon on Marietta Square for sushi, curry, and this beer with a cute owl on it. Delish.


After such a wild & crazy night, we had a pretty lazy Sunday morning; we didn’t have Mr. Pibb and Red Vines, but we did enjoy coffee and biscuits, and they were crazy delicious. I had 5 miles on my training calendar, so we went to Kolb’s Farm in the early afternoon when the sun – and the temperature – was high. Normally, we don’t run together so it was nice (and motivating) to have Mitch with me. After a week of encouraging runs, it wasn’t my best run, which was a little frustrating. I tried not to beat myself up about it – at least I got out there – but when you finish and see this much red, it’s kind of a buzzkill.


My Nike+ Running app has been a huge jerk lately. The GPS function is getting more and more unreliable which results in crazy times/paces; apparently, I ran a 5:00 mile today! It really throws me off when I’m not hearing my accurate pace. I’ve used MapMyRun before, and I’m thinking it’s time to switch back. What running apps do you use and love?

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