Beating a Tuesday Funk with Fartleks.

Happy Tuesday!

I was lucky enough to have Monday off so I decided to mix things up and go to a morning aerial yoga class. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, the instructor asked that we dedicate our class to freedom. I find aerial yoga freeing to begin with; after keeping this added intention in mind for 90 minutes, along with my favorite MLK quote (as seen below), I felt lighter than air when we were finished.


I spent the rest of the day with Novelette, indulging in a bit of retail therapy and much needed gal time. Sometimes you just need a latte and an M&M cookie with your BFF after you both come face to face with your mortality after walking around Forever 21, know what I mean?

Getting out of bed to go back to work was especially cruel this morning, thanks to the frigid-for-the-South temperatures amplified by gusty winds. I was in some kind of a mood at work – no idea why, really – and my crankiness was only amplified by a crick in my neck and some lower back issues. At the end of the day, the last thing I wanted to do was run, but I reluctantly bundled up and headed to the Silver Comet for a short 3-miler.


Truthfully, I was dreading this run after Sunday’s disaster but once I got moving, my legs felt fine and the chill in the air wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. Thanks to the Silver Comet’s flat, mostly even surface, I even busted out some really short fartlek drills, which are still fairly foreign to me as a n00b runner. To keep them interesting, I like to use landmarks or song cues; I’ll sprint through the length of the chorus, until I cross a bridge, until I pass a cyclist, etc.


After an Epsom salt bath, chicken & veggies in a green curry sauce, and a glass of carmenere, my Tuesday funk has disappeared and I feel ready to take Wednesday by the horns.

PS: Earlier today, the Hot Chocolate Racing Series posted the video from the Atlanta race that my mom and I did last Sunday, and if you look very closely in the right side of the crowd, you can see us doing The Wobble from 1:13 – 1:16.

I’m glad I will have proof for my grandkids that, yes, I have always been that bad of a dancer. Besides, the Cha Cha Slide is much more my speed. Do you have a specialty dance?

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