Open Your Heart.

At the beginning of tonight’s aerial yoga class, Vita told us that we would be focusing on the heart chakra by working with lots of heart-opening poses and backbends in and out of the fabric. She asked us all to set an intention and repeat it to ourselves throughout class: “I will open my heart to living fully.”

The heart is the fourth of the seven chakras in your body and is the core of your spirit; in Sanskrit, it is called Anahata, meaning unhurt or unstruck. I’m still trying to familiarize myself with all the chakras, so I find this infographic from Yoga Dork really helpful.

Courtesy of Yoga Dork

Heart opening poses are said to help banish the blues and lighten your mood. I already love heart openers on the mat, so doing them in the fabric adds a whole new level of lightness – physical and mental.


Camel Pose

We started class in hero pose on the mat and worked into some warm ups (thread-the-needle!) before making our way into the fabric for chair pose, down dog, wheel pose, and a back straddle. Usually, for savasana I stay on the mat with a bolster under my knees, but tonight I took savasana in the fabric for the first time in months – living fully! After all that that heart opening, I left the studio in a yoga-induced, self-loving haze.

While driving home, I made a promise to keep my  intention in mind throughout the rest of the week; to open my heart to living fully even in situations where I would rather not be present. For a heart opening sequence at home or even at work if you have the room, this slideshow from Fit Sugar demonstrates six basic poses that will relieve some of that tension that comes with your everyday life; I think I might have to bookmark this on both my home and work computers.

What’s your favorite way to open your heart – on and off the mat?

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