Weekend Wrap Up.


Saturday morning, Mom and I decided to try a new run and hit up the Eastside Trail of the still-in-the-beginning-stages Atlanta BeltLine. Despite the chill & wind, there were so many people out! At the risk of sounding like I am thrice my age, it always makes me happy to see families out and about getting their fitness on with each other. I creepsmiled at so many babies in strollers that I was honestly surprised the APD hadn’t joined us on our run by mile 3.  We ran out and back for 4.5 miles and then made a loop around Piedmont Park to get our 6 miles in for the day.


We stopped at the Piedmont dog park to visit with some four-legged creatures and, in the process, peeped these crazy pop-up bathrooms. Mom was understandably impressed that they were not actually elevators.


After a Mellowterranean pizza from Mellow Mushroom and a trip to Trader Joe’s (always a great idea on a Saturday), we went our separate ways to relax for the rest of the day. I had big plans for staying awake to watch SNL, but my eyelids had a different idea and I fell asleep on the couch at 10 o’clock. Drake judged me.


After a glorious amount of sleep (hello, 10 hours), Mitch and I woke up and decided on brunch at The Olde Kitchen, a Castleberry Hill joint that was featured on Thrillist for their awesome chicken & waffles. The staff were super friendly, and I loved the red & white tablecloths and mason jars for glasses. Most importantly, their chicken & waffles lived up to the hype. Mitch forbade me from taking a picture of my breakfast, so let this image burn into your brain instead.

Courtesy of Thrillist

We tooled around a bit downtown before coming home to take care of some typical Sunday chores, like making this week’s batch of homemade Larabars. 2 cups of pitted dates + 1 cup of dry roasted peanuts in the Ninja  = 8 bars of goodness to take to work for the week. So easy and so delicious.


This upcoming Saturday is February’s race: Chattahoochee Challenge 10K. On deck for the week is yoga on Monday, 4 miles on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, and 3 miles on Thursday.

Most importantly, I have a playlist to create! Any song suggestions? Don’t worry, Alan Jackson is already in mind.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up.

  1. I love the graffiti on that bridge/overpass and what a fantastic way to spend some quality time with your mom. Now, I’m off to Google Larabar recipes because my genius self has never thought of making them. *face palm*

    • Oh, girl, get thee to Google – homemade Larabars are the BEST. I like to make the peanut butter and jelly ones sometimes by adding dried cherries to the mix. Oh She Glows & Chocolate Covered Katie have some great recipes for different variations!

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