Productive Mondays FTW.

This was the most productive Monday I have had in a while! Can I get a “hell yeah”?! I spent nearly all day prepping for my midweek discussion with middle school parents about social media safety & etiquette, and I feel really good about the info I’ve compiled. I just hope it’s helpful, not scary.


After work, I headed to the aerial yoga studio. Tonight’s class was all about hip openers, which I always enjoy. Oh, hayyy double pigeon pose. With my 10k coming up this weekend, anything to help ease my lower half is much appreciated. Also, I burned this incense when I first got to the studio, and I swear it calmed my mind for the rest of the evening.


When I got home, Mitch & I FaceTimed with our goddaughter (who can crawl now!!) and watched Bourdain’s New Orleans episode of “The Layover.” Wish I was back on the bayou, rollin’ with some Cajun queen.

How was your Monday – productive or just so-so?

PS: Totally wrote this from my phone. I’m feeling very 2013 but I’ll blame any typos on my fingers being very 1913.

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