Whistle While You Tweak.

Well, it finally happened.


I headed to the Silver Comet for my post-work 4 mile run on this lovely 70 degree (!!) day, sunroof down and NPR a-blarin’. I was feeling good until a mile and a half in when I suddenly felt a tweak in my left knee that quickly blew into a fully formed “@!#$” by mile 2. I tried running for a minute, then walking for a minute on it, but every time I ran, I felt shooting pain. I limped back to the car defeatedly before coming home and whining to my patient husband who had the ice pack waiting.


This is really the first time since I started running that an injury has laid me low, and boy, am I frustrated. I’m not even sure what I did to it! Until today, I hadn’t missed a day of my Georgia Half Marathon training AND I have a 10k on Saturday. I plan on resting it for the next few days and hoping for the best but grrrr.


On the bright side, this card from Drake’s new groomer was waiting in my mailbox when I got home. I’ve seen a lot of different variations of my name but never Megron. I’m impressed.

How do you deal with injuries (besides lots of cursing)?

One thought on “Whistle While You Tweak.

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