Calm Throughout The Storm.

What a day.

I was at work way early this morning to give a talk on social media safety and privacy to middle school parents. The talk went really well! There was a larger turnout than I expected, parents took notes and asked questions, and everything was going smoothly…until a tornado siren went off and phones started blowing up with alerts that all of Metro Atlanta was under a tornado warning. We moved our discussion into the basement until the coast was clear and the warning was lifted.

By lunchtime, a tornado hit Adairsville, a town about an hour north of us; by 1:30, the local sirens started up again. It was madness as we tried to communicate to the school and to parents the most up-to-date information about what was going on.

It didn’t take long for the tornado to make national news. As I was updating my BFF Mary about what was going on (she lives in Chicago) and how crazy things were at work, she commented, “Man, I bet your love of yoga really helps in situations like that.” You know what? I think she was dead on.

While I’m certainly not advocating taking a savasana while children are duck-and-covering in the hallway, if there is one thing that yoga has taught me, it is the importance of your breath. It’s ingrained in your brain from your very first class: “Deep breath in, slowly release. The most important thing is your breath.” After years of hearing these mantras repeated, I realized that I subconsciously have started to return to my breath when I feel stressed or anxious – and on days like today, where it is so easy to become overwhelmed, I’m so glad I do.

It’s seems so trivial to write about things as simple as breathing after days like today, and I’m not even sure how to conclude this post. I feel incredibly fortunate to have my home (and sanity) in tact and my little family safe with me tonight. Keep The Peach State in your thoughts as the rebuilding process begins.

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