Training, Interrupted.

48 hours after the pain initially started on Tuesday’s run, my left knee still hurts. I don’t know what is wrong with it but after many Google searches today – great idea, btw – I have diagnosed myself with a torn meniscus, IT band syndrome, inflammation, and overdramaticizationitis.


Luckily, this little dude joined me for my pity party and helped me with some knee strengthening exercises tonight.

I have been compressing, elevating, icing, foam rolling, Epsom salt bathing, and heat treating like it is my job. Still, I feel that twinge of pain in the outside of my knee when I walk which often results in my gait resembling the Sloppy Swish. I am trying to be optimistic yet realistic about Saturday’s Chattahoochee Challenge 10K. Will I be running like I planned? Unless this heals overnight, that’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

As frustrated as I am that I have already missed two runs in my training and will probably miss a third, I keep telling myself that these are still short runs, and there is still a month & a half until the Georgia Half Marathon. I’d rather rest while I’m relatively early in my training than risk inflaming it even more and facing the consequences down the line. But still…

The good news about today? Beyonce remains a flawless queen, tomorrow is Friday, and Dollaboyz ATL just followed me on Twitter. Please, try not to be too jealous.

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