Oh Deer.

A bit of non-running or yoga fun to start this entry off! Brandon Stanton, the man behind the amazing and wildly popular photoblog Humans of New York, graduated from the school where I work. February is our annual Arts Month celebration, so today Brandon came to talk to Preschoolers, Middle Schoolers, and Upper Schoolers about his awesome photos and gave the kids advice about how important it is to do what you love.


In that moment, sitting in the middle of all of the excited Upper Schoolers, taking photos and notes of Brandon’s talk, I felt very fortunate to be able to do what I love. Check out Humans of New York, and you won’t regret it. Seriously. Brandon’s photos are powerful and intimate, and each one tells a different story .


After a seemingly nonstop day at school, I headed to Cheatham Hill to get in my 4 miles. My knee is at about a 80-85% now, which is definitely great news, but I still wrapped it and took it easy, especially going down hill. I’m not quite sure why but going down hills or stairs seems to aggravate it more than anything else. Not my greatest run, but certainly not my worst.


I stopped at the Illinois monument briefly to marvel at the way the sun was hitting the soldiers – seriously, my iPhone did it no justice – and when I went to go start my run again, four deer were crossing the trail to go graze in the pasture.


I stood still for a few minutesand watched them make their way down the field before resuming my run, and on my way back to my car, I saw six more! Deer frequently make up-close-and-personal appearances in the parks near Kennesaw Mountain, and I always love the look they seem to give gawking humans such as myself: “Yeah, I’m a deer. So what?! Who cares?!”

It’s been a long but satisfying day, and my eyelids are already heavy. I have a few magazines just begging to be read, but who knows if I actually will get to them. There is always tomorrow…

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