Every Day the 14th.

As far as holidays go, I am kind of indifferent to ole Valentine’s Day; I don’t hate it, but it’s not my favorite. For our fourth Valentine’s together, Mitch and I have big plans…to stay in.


For our very first Valentine’s Day together in 2010, we dressed up and went to a fancy-for-us restaurant where we were promptly seated directly in front of a child who screamed through the entire meal and dessert. Ever since that awful experience, each February 14th we take turns making dinner & dessert at home. I was in charge of dessert this year, so I attempted to make a heart cake using this technique and Queen Martha’s one-bowl chocolate cake recipe.


Nailed it, ha. Underneath that cream cheese icing lies a very broken cake. Martha, I am not. At least it looks like it will be delicious!

A very sweet coworker of mine made the doggies some Valentine’s treats so they wouldn’t feel left out of all the human gluttony. Drake and Caroline say thanks, Mr. Lynn!


Mitch is in the kitchen now making some yummy steaks with mashed potatoes and sauteed kale (I had to make a special request for that). We have been holding on to a bottle of this local wine for some time, and I can’t wait to finally open it.


With all this food & drink ahead of me, I will definitely need to sweat it out tomorrow. After Tuesday’s treadmill run, I was feeling some weird tightness in my right hip, and I had hoped last night’s yoga class would relieve it; alas, it was still lingering this morning. I decided to make today a rest day which means I have 4 miles waiting on me tomorrow and then – gulp – 9 on Sunday. How fitting that this little badge arrived in my inbox today…


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