Friday Favorites.

The sun is shining, school is closed for Winter Break for the next few days, and I’m determined to make it a great weekend! Enjoy these links over your morning (or late afternoon) cup’o’joe.

  • The New York Times‘ profiled the progress of the Atlanta BeltLine – and the obstacles the project faces.
  • Gina from Noshing on Asphalt’s recap of the inaugural Mississippi River 1/2 Marathon has me already planning my trip to Greenville next year.
  • I’m still not quite sure what to make of last Sunday’s Girls, but I really enjoyed Vulture’s reading of the fantasy/reality aspect of the episode.
  • My BFF Novelette recently started blogging about her experiences as a “recovering meat-hog” – go show her some love over on The Not-So-Southern Belle in the Kitchen!
  • This video of these Avetts-in-the-making made my day! That 10 year old is my banjospiration.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. Oh my geez, that 10 year old can throw down! Secretly, I would love to be able to play a dulcimer (if you know what that is). Thanks for the shout out! I hate that you have to wait an entire year for Shipleys… 😉

    • Being able to play a dulcimer would be amazing! They are so cool.

      We are visting my brother in Arkansas in two weeks, so I’m hoping we can stop by the local Shipley’s … I’m going through withdrawals :/

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