Realigned and Feelin’ Fine.

After work, I went straight to the chiropractor to have him reevaluate all the wonkiness that had been going on in my hips and spine on Saturday. We did the same reflex & flexibility tests and adjustments that we did a few days ago, and Dr. B said although everything wasn’t perfect, it was a vast improvement from the way things had been looking. Obvs my next question was, “Sooooooo does this mean I can run again?” to which he replied…
Yes! Woohoo! Maybe I won’t totally blow the next month’s half marathon after all! Last night I dreamt I ran this year’s Peachtree in 45 minutes with almost no effort. A premonition perhaps? After today’s news, one can only hope! I have to go back next week to make sure everything is staying in its proper place, but in the meantime, I can run!

The ever-increasing length of days meant I had more than enough time to go for a run after my appointment before the sun set. Good thing I was feeling optimistic and had worn my running clothes & shoes to the chiro! His office is on the way to the Silver Comet, so I was there in five minutes.
My training calendar originally called for a 5 mile run, but since the chiro told me to take it easy, I bumped it down to 4. I was so excited to not miss another training day that I ran my first mile in 9:50 which is a much faster pace than I have been training at and was not very smart. I learned my lesson when my right hip and pesky left knee started talking, so I slowed it down for the remaining 3 miles. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other, right? I didn’t even mind; it felt so good to be moving outdoors.

More exciting news from today: this afternoon I found out I was selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

As a newbie to both the blogging and running world, I’m so thrilled to be a part of this unique community of kick-ass, inspiring women. You can learn more about the Sweat Pink Ambassador program over on the Fit Approach website.

Have you received some awesome news lately? I wanna hear it!

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