Friday Favorites.

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving on Sunday. I am BEYOND excited to go to New York, and it still hasn’t quite hit me that I will be on a plane en route to the Big Apple in 48 hours. I’ll be unabashedly Instagramming the crap out of my trip, and I hope to post in the ole blog once or twice about my adventures! In the meantime, here are some things I enjoyed reading, watching, and pontificating this week.

  • NBC Nightly News featured Oxford in a segment about the increase in retirees moving to college towns. Retirement may be 40+ years away for us, but I’m already planning on doing the same thing!
  • Speaking of Oxford, when we still lived there, our dear friend Trey and his wife would host an Oscar party, complete with an amazing themed menu. Serious Eats’ pun filled menu made me wish we were all watching together this year!
  • I am sooooo guilty of doing thisss. At least now I know why.
  • Yoga Dork takes on the sexualization of yoga pants. Note to dudes: ladies really just want an excuse to wear elastic waistbands, trust.
  • New York pizza is at the top of my mind, but I promise not to pull a Michael Scott. Any recommendations? Currently leaning towards Lombardi’s.

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