Friday Favorites.

After traveling the past two weekends, I am selfishly looking forward to having this weekend to myself. My husband is out of town, so I have big plans of celebrating the arrival of Friday (piano bar with coworkers), working on my fitness (trying out a local rowing gym and taking a community hot yoga class on Saturday), and just plain relaxing (bubble baths & at-home mani-pedi).

  • So proud of my adopted homestate of Mississippi for doing big things, y’all. Hotty Toddy.
  • In celebration of International Women’s Day today,  National Geographic compiled a few inspiring photos and quotes from female explorers. Work it, ladies!
  • I still struggle with calling myself a runner because, quite frankly, I’m not particularly fast and I still take walking breaks. That said, thank you Ali for this little boost of encouragement.
  • The forecast for next weekend’s Georgia Half Marathon? 71 and sunny. Oh hey, spring. So very nice to see you.
  • Nothing does my wonky hips justice quite like this baby picture of me in my body cast with my fierce grandmother. Enjoy!


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