Post-13.1 Blues

As I sit here with my Sunday morning coffee and gloomy Pandora station, I can’t help but think that this time last week my morning looked a little more like this:


After such an exciting Sunday, my energy levels tanked this week. Although I took Monday off to recover (great decision), this work week was a busy one; I didn’t get home until 9:00 on a few nights, and both¬†Friday and Saturday night I was asleep on the couch embarrassingly early. I missed out on my regular yoga classes due to the late work nights, and I only managed to make it to the gym once. Also not helping? The weather going from blissfully spring-like to reminiscent of February: cold, grey, and rainy.

This sudden change in ‘tude begs the question: how do you beat the post-race blues?

In the weeks leading up to the Publix Half, I had scaled back my mileage due to various injuries. Admittedly, I wasn’t really and truly excited about it until the day before the race; picking up my race bib, laying out my race outfit, making my playlist all seemed to cure my race indifference in a matter of hours.

And then? The one event that most of my life revolved around for three months was over in 2 hours and 37 minutes.

I thrive on routine, so going from 12 weeks of training for a big race to nothing has been a bit of a shock to my system. Even though by the time of the race I had seriously scaled back on my runs, it still feels strange to not have a training calendar on the fridge telling me what to do on any given day.

A few posts back, I mentioned taking a few weeks off of running to let my knees rest and focus on cross-training instead. Great idea at the time, but I already feel myself wanting to reach for my running shoes. Patience is not a virtue I am often in possession of, and I have been racking my brain to think of ways to cope with this sudden boredom.

With the Georgia Warrior Dash in three weeks and the Biltmore 15k in two months, I do have some races to look forward to, and now that we are members of a gym, I have some options to mix up my workouts. But…I still feel kind of stuck in a post-race rut.

That’s where you come in, random stranger. What strategies do you have for beating the post-race blues? Registering for more races? Mixing up workouts? Pizza? Snuggling with your race medal? Help a sister out.

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