April Foolin’ Y’all.

Wanna hear something that sounds like an April Fool’s joke but actually isn’t? I’ll be coaching Middle School volleyball for my school in the fall! I played volleyball for a few years in high school, but I have never coached anything so I’m as nervous as I am excited; I already can’t wait for the season to start at the end of July. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can dig up some old, blog-worthy volleyball pictures…

Not only did today mark April Fool’s and the start of my last week of work until Spring Break, but it also marked the start of my favorite season.


I was really sad to see some of my favorite players go (sniff, sniff Martin Prado), but I’m really excited to see the powerhouse that is our outfield in action. I still get chills when I watch J-Hey’s first at-bat. Mitch and I met him in January 2012, and he was as nice as can be.


The weather is gorgeous here in Atlanta (70 and sunny), so Drake and I went for a quick stroll when I got home from work to stretch our legs before settling in to watch the game. You can tell by his crazy eyes that he really enjoyed it.


Now I’m enjoying a delicious brew with all the windows in the house open and my Brian McCann jersey on.


Cheers to Monday!

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