Run For Your Lives!

Although I’m still focusing mainly on strength training and rehabbing my knees, next Saturday’s Warrior Dash marks my return to pounding the pavement. 2013 is going by so fast that I nearly forgot my mom and I are running a 15k in six weeks! Time to get my brain back into the training game with the quickness!

What better way to do that than registering for a fun race?

Courtesy of Times of News

This week we found out two of our Mississippi pals will be coming to town for the Run for Your Lives 5K up in North Georgia in September. They both ran it last year in St. Louis – one as a zombie, one as a runner – and said it was a blast.  It’s only 80 miles north of where we live, so we decided to join them, especially since season three of The Walking Dead just ended and I am going through withdrawals.

We will all be running from the zombies as a team, so I need to start brainstorming team names and zombie-repelling costumes. Luckily, the race is September 14, so we have some time but right now I’m thinking I will just wear a shirt that says, “Not Lori Grimes.”

Courtesy of Run for Your Lives

Have you ever run a zombie obstacle race? If so, any tips for a gal who has never run in a post-apocalyptic setting?

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