Spring Break Spin Sesh.

By the time Friday rolled around, I could hardly concentrate on anything remotely grown up-related. My brain waves looked like a never-ending loop of that clip of James Franco in the Spring Breakers trailer, saying “Sprang braaaaaake” with a mouth full of gold.

BuzzFeed never lets me down.

This weekend hasn’t let me down. I won’t rehash all of the start to the Spring Break 2k13 fun, but here are some photos that best illustrate just how much we let the good times roll. Spoiler alert: things get crazy.




Not pictured: My first attempt at planting bulbs in my parents’ garden, a Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco (judge me), doing the Harlem Shake with Ludacris, a gnarly shoulder sunburn complete with scarf tanline, an insane Braves win, and a Sunday drive with my sweet grandparents.

I credit much of the success of this weekend to an awesome solo spin session at the gym on Friday afternoon – okay, and gorgeous weather didn’t hurt. After cruising blogs for some spin workouts (Spinning Music is one of my favorites), I threw together a playlist and then hit the bike to put the pedal to the medal. 42 sweaty minutes and 475 torched calories later, I looked like a mess but felt fantastic.


That is the true face of someone who just had her ass kicked and feels incredibly awkward taking gym selfies. Not my strong suit, I guess. The lady on the wall behind me is giving much better face. Sashay away, Stauts, sashay away!

Anywho, my workout & coordinating playlist were as follows.

  • Warm up. Good Time – Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Add enough resistance to stand. Spin in “aggressive” position for :20, stand relaxed for :20. Repeat through song. Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding
  • Increase speed at :00, :15, and :30 second intervals. Recover at :45. Repeat through song. Thrift Shop – Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis
  • Seated speed intervals with moderate resistance:: 30 fast, :30 slow. Blow Me One Last Kiss – Pink
  • Seated hill climb, increasing resistance every :30. Babel – Mumford and Sons
  • Jumps with moderate resistance. : 15 standing, :15 seated. Alternate throughout song. Touch the Sky – Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco
  • Moderate-to-high resistance with seated fast pace. Good Feelin’ – Flo Rida
  • Standing rolling hills: build resistance through verses, decrease at chorus. Repeat through song. I Love It – Icona Pop
  • Standing slow climb, increasing resistance every :30. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
  • Light resistance with sprints through each chorus. River Deep, Mountain High – Glee Cast
  • Cool down and stretch. Day n Nite – Kid Cudi

Now, obviously I am not a doctor, registered dietician, or a fitness expert. I’m just a gal standing in front of a reader, asking you to love me and my ridiculous blog. When it comes to starting any fitness routine, please consult someone who doesn’t quote James Franco…and maybe who also is a doctor. 

What about you  – do you have any spin workout suggestions for me? Favorite songs to spin to?

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