What I’m Into and What I’m Not Into: April Edition

As you have probably noticed, I am in a bit of a blogging rut. It’s not necessarily for lack of content; I’m running the most – and best – I have since last month’s knee diagnosis. If we are being totally honest, I just can’t bring myself to update this every day with the same ole “I ran ___ miles on the treadmill then I strength trained/did yoga/parkoured.” To borrow from two of my favorite memes, ain’t nobody got time for that and no1curr.

I have, however, been excited (and less than thrilled) about a variety of different things lately….so much so that one might even ask, “Hey Meghan…what are you into these days?”

One Fund Boston. Established by Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to support Marathon bombing victims, The One Fund Boston has raised nearly $21 million in just over one week. I sound like a broken record, but the running community is nothing if not resilient, supportive, and always inspiring.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: We saw these guys a few weeks ago at one of the free Final Four concerts and I have been listening to The Heist nonstop ever since. While I love “Thrift Shop” as much as the next person, it is is a vastly different song than anything else on the album, which was so pleasantly surprising. No one-hit wonders here, I’m calling it.


The coupling of Krispy Kreme and ice cream. I feasted on this concoction at last weekend’s Sweetwater 420 Festival, and I have approximately 0.00% regrets about doing so. The sprinkles just called to me, you know?

The impending arrival of summer. Did you know it is scientifically proven that summer is the best season of all?  I’m looking forward to Shiner Ruby Redbirds, time spent on the screened porch, baseball games, white pants, and not wearing real shoes. Maybe all at the same time.

Now I know what you are thinking. “With all of that cool stuff that you are into, surely you must NOT be into some things, right?” Accurate! There are definitely some things that I am just not into such as…

The Great Bull Run: Paying to compete in a 1/4 mile sprint with twelve 1,000-pound bulls breathing down my neck? If I am going to risk my life at a bull run, you can be damn sure I’m not doing it in Conyers, Georgia.

Courtesy of Tim Brando’s Twitter

The removal of the Toomer’s Corner oaks. While I am far from an Auburn fan, I was quite sad to see this day come. There are no traditions quite like SEC traditions. While I am more than happy to say goodbye to some (ie: Ole Miss fans chanting “The South will rise again”), I am sad to see an end to something as good-natured as rolling the oaks – with recyclable toilet paper no less. Seriously, I can only imagine how tragic it would be if something like this happened to my beloved Grove.

The Dove “Real Beauty” sketches. I could go on about how much this campaign strikes me as superfluous and artificial, but I’ll let David Zweig do the talking.

Jason Heyward’s appendix. One of my favorite Braves had an emergency appendectomy last night in Colorado and is now on the DL. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jason! May you have stomach fires no more.

How about you? What are you into/not into?


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