My name is Meghan. I was born in  North Carolina where I lived for much of my childhood until my family moved to Georgia in 1999. For the next ten years I lived in Atlanta, finishing high school and getting my Bachelor’s in English from Georgia State before moving to Oxford, Mississippi in the summer of 2009 to get my Master’s in studying the South at this fine institution.


Shortly after my move to Oxford, I met a boy named Mitch. He thought I was cool enough to marry, so we got hitched in September 2011.


We have two dogs, Drake and Caroline.


We also have a stuffed pet snake named Gordon. But that’s a story for a different day.


I convinced him that Georgia wasn’t so bad after all, so moved back to The A in 2011.


I’ve been practicing yoga since 2007 and started running in 2012. I first got the race bug after running in the 2012 Atlanta Color Run, I ran my first half marathon in November 2012, and I have made it my goal to run one race a month in 2013. I’m quite the amateur (ie: still pretty slow), and this blog chronicles my journey to work harder better, faster, stronger.

And why Rhymes With Dots? Easy: no one pronounces my married last name correctly, so I just tell them, “It rhymes with dots.”


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