Spring Break Spin Sesh.

By the time Friday rolled around, I could hardly concentrate on anything remotely grown up-related. My brain waves looked like a never-ending loop of that clip of James Franco in the Spring Breakers trailer, saying “Sprang braaaaaake” with a mouth full of gold.

BuzzFeed never lets me down.

This weekend hasn’t let me down. I won’t rehash all of the start to the Spring Break 2k13 fun, but here are some photos that best illustrate just how much we let the good times roll. Spoiler alert: things get crazy. Continue reading


Run For Your Lives!

Although I’m still focusing mainly on strength training and rehabbing my knees, next Saturday’s Warrior Dash marks my return to pounding the pavement. 2013 is going by so fast that I nearly forgot my mom and I are running a 15k in six weeks! Time to get my brain back into the training game with the quickness!

What better way to do that than registering for a fun race?

Courtesy of Times of News

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April Foolin’ Y’all.

Wanna hear something that sounds like an April Fool’s joke but actually isn’t? I’ll be coaching Middle School volleyball for my school in the fall! I played volleyball for a few years in high school, but I have never coached anything so I’m as nervous as I am excited; I already can’t wait for the season to start at the end of July. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can dig up some old, blog-worthy volleyball pictures…

Not only did today mark April Fool’s and the start of my last week of work until Spring Break, but it also marked the start of my favorite season.

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Product Review: ENERGYbits

A few weeks ago, I was contacted on Twitter by the nice folks at ENERGYbits about sampling their product. I’m always game for trying new health products so I was super excited to get this in the mail last week!


So what are ENERGYbits? Put simply: tabs of spirulina algae. That’s it – just one superfood ingredient (the most nutrient dense food in the world, to be exact). My first question was, could algae really give me more energy than, say, a cup of coffee? Continue reading

Friday Favorites

Wow, I have been a slack blogger! This week seemed to fly by, and I’m embracing this three-day weekend with open arms. I’m still on my self-imposed break from running, and I’ll admit that it has been nice to focus instead on things like yoga, spin classes, and strength training. My husband and I have big plans to soak up the sun and go hiking this afternoon on some nearby trails, and I can’t wait to stretch my legs outdoors.

  • It’s no secret that I love Lululemon but this Boston Globe article in the wake of the see-through $100 yoga pants debacle raises some really valid points about the cult of Lulu and Lulu rage.
  • My grad school pal Kirsten ventured to L.A. and sweated to the oldies with none other than Richard Simmons. Her recap of his class is hilarious and well worth your time.
  • The season finale of my favorite show The Walking Dead is this Sunday. While pondering whether or not Rick will actually kill the Governor or just talk about it for another five hours, check out the weird similarities between TWD and…Toy Story. What would we do without Reddit, folks?
  • Instagram filters are a modern day Rorschach, it seems. According to this great Gizmodo infographic, I’m an optimist who likes to see the world a little bit brighter. Spot on.
  • Last but not least, enjoy this sassy picture of Drake, the dog who is begrudgingly up for anything.