I know a lot of runners perceive music as a crutch, but I will be blunt: I simply can not run without music. I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little Flo Rida if it gets shoes on my feet and my feet on the street. If I increase my pace because the club can’t even handle me right now? That’s just a bonus.

My Rock’n’Roll Savannah half-marathon playlist started with “Born to Run” and I’ll never forget how invincible I felt running up Bay Street, practically screaming, “Yeah Bruce! I was born to run!” Something about this song just makes me feel invincible, and to go along with my race-a-month resolution, I’m making a point to start every race with this song.

To lighten the mood when I think I might be starting to mentally and physically struggle (about halfway through the race), I like to include a silly song that goes with the theme of the race, ie: “You Sexy Thing” for the Hot Chocolate race. I believe in miracles, y’all, and the power is music is one of’em.

And lastly, I make a new playlist for each race, I always make the playlist the night before, and I never listen to it before I run. EVER. It’s one of my running superstitions, and I’m sticking to it, dammit.



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